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Hi Juergen,

have tried out your Section Visibility plugin. I like it.

But it would sometimes be handy, if it was possible to maintain the hidden section's position within the wrapper, meaning switching position locked on/off?


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Hi hoghoj1

in fact, the hidden sections will preserve their positions in the stored content —  well, they actually should and I can’t imagine reason why they should move because of setting the hidden attibute.

But when hidden, a section simply won’t render. So, depending on how your content is organized, there will be either an empty space or, normally, the gap will get filled with other, following content.
With responsive (fluid) design, elements like grid columns (sections) normally float and there will not be an empty space left where your now hidden section was before.

To achieve an empty space where your hidden section was before, you would have to insert an empty placeholder that uses the same amount of screen real estate, This is not easy to achieve when the amount of text/images defines the section’s size, which is the case, normally.

The proper way to only make things 'invisible' while make them still consume the same space, is using the style visibility:hidden; you could apply to any section via Section Options. But contrary to hiding a section with my plugin, with visibility:hidden the content can still be inspected via the page's HTML source code and it can be easily revealed by disabling the hidden CSS property.

Section Visibility will truly make a section disappear to visitors, which cannot be done otherwise except completely deleting it.

Does this answer your question?

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Hi Juergen,

I just wanted to be able to hide some section temporarily for "normal" viewing the page. Sometimes you may want to hide, but not remove a section, because this section contains an ad or similar content. This for being able to edit this section later and make it visible again.

I didn't know that "hidden" style, but it is just what I was looking for. It will do the job for me :-).

Section Visible is perfect, but as I wanted to hide the center section in a multiple wrapper, it did just what you say here, the other sections from right slided into the hidden section's place - I wanted to retain that place open.

Thx for your invaluable help,


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