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I am looking for a solution to add a specific class to each li-Element in the Pagemanger.

My proposal is to add this possibility under 'More options'.

nth-child and nth-type are possibilities - but if the tree is changed then the css has to be changed as well

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Hooking into Typesetter's menu rendering is tricky. I tried once but couldn't find a good solution at plugin level.
Your proposal to define additional CSS classes in More Options is a good idea. Let's keep it in mind but I fear there will not be a solution short-term.

nth-child actually is no good solution for your mentioned reasons but you can  ...

1) target the anchor inside the li using

.navbar-nav a[title="Child Page"] {
  /* some styles */


2) use javascript to add classes to the parent li using the same selection method by adding sth. like th following to template.php:

$page->jQueryCode .= '
$(".navbar-nav a[title=\'Home\']").closest("li").addClass("home-class");
$(".navbar-nav a[title=\'Child Page\']").closest("li").addClass("childpage-class");

While using JS is not exactly beautiful and editing template.php for this purpose is cumbersome, it will work.

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