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This is a bit of a question really for Josh S.

Why is it that simple blog creates its own set of pages (under /data/_addondata/z3oh4ex/posts/) instead of extending the general page type that is kept under (/data/_pages/)?

I've realized the blog articles are kind of inflexible, as you can't include sections, galleries, all of those nice responsive image plugins of Juergen, etc.  It isn't such a big deal when an image in a blog is just "fluff" to pretty it up, but for instance if a blog has some graphs it would be nice to include them as an image that could be clicked to expand to full screen.

But obviously what I like about the blog is the feature of having categories that can be assigned, as well as pages listing newest entries.

Personally, for our use, we don't care about having comment functionality.

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