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I'M looking for a solution for administering news, articles or newsletters.

I want to be able to easily to create a newsletter and add it to a list of a definable length and groups on the frontpage, something like this:

I'd like to be able to sort them by newest, maybe also making groups of lists by f.ex. Sports, Food and so on.

When creating the new article, i'd then be able to adding them to a specifik group and sorting them by the newst on top af a 5 articles length.

I'm sorry that I'm not able to making sich a plugin myself, all I can, is to tell what I want:-)

But I'm sure that many would welcome a plugin like this.


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Um, sounds pretty much like Simple Blog, maybe with some small modifications to the existing Gadgets.
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Hi J├╝rgen,

no, it's not something Simple Blog. That plugin works fine, but all the articles end up within one specifik page, /blog. What I'm looking for, is a generator for single pages, and there must be possible to add extra sections like other pages. Something like this:

  1. admin(or other person) starts writing a new article,
  2. chooses Group of interest,
  3. starts editing the content.
  4. When finished editing, the article's headline ends up on the frontpage under Group of interest.
  5. There will also be a link to see older articles, also timesorted.
  6. Extra sections on each page could be used for f.ex. ads.

Hope the explanation is understandable :-)


3 years ago#10263

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