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Typesetter 5.1 is in its beta stage and will hopefully become a release in the near future

Download the current master ZIP from GitHub

to test it.

Please report your experiences and any issues or make proposals here or on GitHub.

Thanks for your support!


This is a complete list of what is new.

New Features, Fixes and Improvements in Typesetter 5.1

(See all commits on GitHib)

Admin UI / Appearance

  • We now use more contemporary typefaces for all Admin UI elements.
    Favors 'Segoe UI' and 'San Francisco' over 'Arial' and 'Helvetice Neue' and 'Consolas', 'Menlo', 'Andale Mono' in CSS Editor and CK Editor Source.
  • Hide unwanted/needless plugin mentions in Admin Toolbox and Dashboard:
    Any plugin now only shows up if …
    • it has one or more Admin Page(s) and the current user has appropriate permissions
    • it has one or more Special Page(s)
      Of course a complete list of installed plugins is still available via Plugins -> Manage


  • Removing sections now requires confirmation to prevent accidential deletions.
  • New 'Section Visibility' icon now allows to hide/unhide single or nested sections. See Fig.1 below
  • New 'Section Clipboard' allows to transfer content between pages. See Fig.2 below
  • Hovering content sections will highlight their list counterparts in Section Manager (Editor in 'Page' mode).
  • Content will smooth-scroll to a section when hovering its counterpart in Section Manager for more than 1.2 seconds.
  • The 'File Include' content type may now also embed Extra Content Areas (besides Pages and Gadgets)
  • Include sections' context menu now contains …
    • 'View & Edit Page' link to easily get to the source page for editing
    • 'Edit » [the Extra Content Area]' link to edit the included Extra Area
  • 'Publish Draft' button will be disabled during unless saved/auto-saved to prevent occasional parallel-processing errors.
  • CKEditor Source textarea width now scales with dialog box.


Fig. 1: Section Visibility

Fig. 2: Copy to Clipboard

Copy to Clipboard



  • Improved and completed translations for Russian and Ukrainian (thanks mahotilo), Romainian (thanks florincybereye) and Polish (thanks konsthur).

Menus (see also this post)

  • Custom CSS classes for individual menu items via Page Manager.
  • Possibility to add Extra Content Areas at arbitrary positions in menus (e.g. separators, images, you name it) via Page Manager.
  • Theme Development: $GP_MENU_ELEMENTS calls now also receive 2 more arguments $level and $menu_id to allow more specific element reformatting.


  • Uploaded JPG images and generated thumbnails will retain embedded ICC color profiles and some basic meta data (from EXIF/IPTC)
    Both can be deactivated via Configuration.


  • New responsive and grid-aware gallery styles + thumbnail sizes selectable in gallery editor.
    Can be deactivated via Configuration for easier overruling.
  • Galleries now support SVG images.
  • Gallery thumbnails may now have custom width and height (=> rectangular instead of only square) or keep original images' aspect ratios.
    New defautlt size is 300 x 300px.
  • Captions are now part of the thumbnail link (inside the anchor) thus can be used/styled as overlays without losing 'clickability'.
  • Gallery thumbnails' alt attributes are now non-empty but created from the file name.
  • Newly added gallery images now have a caption by default which is intially created from the file name.
  • Gallery thumbnails in the editor now hover their file name (to discern similar images)

Layout Editor

  • Improved button naming and behavior for CSS editor.
  • Improved/Extended sample content in Layout Preview with Bootstrap-theme-sensitive additions.
  • Overlapping area overlay boxes now have a discrete [-] move-below-button (@ top right corner) to make covered areas accessible.
  • Layout Editor will now load the actual page layout when accessed via Admin Top Bar -> Layout.

Page Visibility

  • If a page is set to hidden (Visibility: Private) the Admin Top Bar button now indicates this with a red warning color.


  • Pages created via 'Copy' by admins with limited editing permissions will now inherit editing permissions.


  • The Configuration page now has multiple 'Save (All)' buttons which avoids the need to scroll way down to save.

Allowed File Formats for Uploading

  • Allowed types modernized - now includes i.e. 'ico', 'opus', 'svg', etc.


  • Improved loadable Bootstrap Preset for Available Classes in the Section Attributes dialog


  • Added 'dotdotdot', a jQuery plugin that allows multi-line text truncations (default = ellipsis …)
    Applying the 'dotdotdot' 'dot-ellipsis dot-resize-update' CSS classes to a section or element truncates the text to available space (size must be defined by inline style or CSS).

Content Variables

  • 3 more default content variables added: $currentYear, $currentMonth and $currentDay, e.g. to render '2017' in the footer at '© 2014-$currentYear by BlahCorp Inc..'
    (already previously available: $dirPrefix, $linkPrefix, $fileModTime, $title and $label)


For Developers

Asset Loading

  • CSS can now optionally be loaded at the end of the body (like Javascripts) to speed up page loading (to get a fast first render)
    This can be set per theme in template.php via gp_defined('load_css_in_body', true);
    or forced in /gpconfig.php using define('load_css_in_body', true);
    Defaults to false.

Addon Development

  • New 'MetaTitle' filter allows to modify browser titles (e.g. to get Site Name | Page Title  instead of default  Page Title - Site Name )
  • New 'ReplaceContentVars' filter allows to modify/extend variables that get replaced at page output, see 'Content Variables' above.
  • Addons may now pass arrays of Scss or Less stylesheets to be processed in a single compilation, which allows to share variables, mixins, etc.
  • When creating new Section Combos using the 'NewSections' hook allows now to also set Wrapper properties like label and color.
  • Allow multiple file selection in finder if requested by plugin calls.
  • New custom JavaScript event 'editor_area:loaded' triggered when the editor is ready.

Other Fixes

  • XSS vulnerability CVE NS4-16-021 fixed.
  • PHPmailer updated to 5.2.21
  • FontAwesome updated to 4.7
  • Adding network port to ServerName() fixes some AJAX redirects if port is other than 80.
  • z-indexes of edited sections now revert back to normal, when other sections become editable -> improves editing of stacked sections.
  • Prevent making (then invalid and undeletable) copies of 'Special Pages'.
  • Moving a complete installation to a PHP < 5.3 host now shows an error


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Danke vielmal Jürgen, für deine harte Arbeit an TS, ich werde das sicher testen.
6 years ago#10289

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it is very, very long changelog. 

Congratulation. Great work.


I am very interested in dotdotdot for any section, but can't force to work it in proper way. Maybe it needs some demo / sample?

6 years ago#10293

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@mahotilo regarding dotdotdot:

Sorry, my mistake - it's not the CSS class 'dotdotdot' but 'dot-ellipsis' and, if you want to make it update when the viewport/window size changes, also add the class 'dot-resize-update'.

Any section using the classes also needs a defined size (e.g. a height:100px; as style attribute)

The component will only be loaded automatically on pages with galleries (and always when you are logged in, just like Colorbox)

To load the component and make it work for all pages you need to insert


in template.php

Another thing to note: When you are editing such a section, the truncation will not take place but only when you close the editor.

See also -> jQuery dotdotdot on GitHub

6 years ago#10294

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Sorry, my mistake - it's not the CSS class 'dotdotdot' but 'dot-ellipsis' and, if you want to make it update when the viewport/window size changes, also add the class 'dot-resize-update'.

Oh, include\thirdparty\dotdotdot\ have solved this typo

The component will only be loaded automatically on pages with galleries (and always when you are logged in, just like Colorbox)

Ah so! Thanks! It works now.

I use 


Is it also correct?


One more question. Is there a predefined way to work with "read more" or we need to do

$(document).ready(function() {


after: "a.readmore"



like says to us?

6 years ago#10300

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Yes, it's the older way to call it - it will be deprecated some time. For now it's O.K.
\gp\[namespace]::FunctionName() is the newer, namespaced call of Typesetter functions and I recommend it for being more future-proof and for anything made public.

Is there a predefined way to work with "read more" or we need to do ...

Not via CSS classes as far as I can see.


6 years ago#10301

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Congratulation Jürgen!

I do not know what would we do without You.

And many thanks to Josh that he does not leave us alone:)

I am really happy that the TS will continue its development.

Long live TS!!!

6 years ago#10334

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