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Greetings from Greece.
I think that TYPESETTER is a great cms and easy to use it.
I am interesting to use TYPESETTER for creation of a website with about 500-800 articles. Is TYPESETTER suitable for a such site with many categories and articles or not.

Thank you.

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Typesetter performs well with large amounts of content. Actually, very well.

It's only if your site is mainly article-based, you might be better off with a more capable blogging platform.
Typesetter's Simple Blog does not have taxonomies or other ways other than categories to structurize your posts.

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I have a website with 300 pages and am very happy with the speed. Even the search speed is good. Probably comes also on the use of the plugin. With the standard elements I can only recommend typesetter.
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Dear #feniweb can you give me the link of your typesetter website?
To have an idea. Thank you!
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