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Hi there,

when I tried to restore a backup, I got this error message:

How and where (if possible) can I adjust memory size, so it will accept the backup to restore.

I badly need to restore as soon as possible, as it contains vital info for schools, that I administer - please help :-(


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Maybe in PHP settings? File php.ini via ftp or your hosting console.

Parameter Memory_limit.

Or try to restore not from .zip but from .tar. It use more memory on disk but less in RAM.

Or try to overwrite files from backup via ftp.

Be careful not to break it all up if you are not sure in your skill.

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Or try to overwrite files from backup via ftp.

Yes, if it's only the data you need to restore, you might want to rename the current /data directory the server  to /data-2017-08-10 (or so) and copy the one from the backup zip
(/gpexport/data) over to the server.

Don't forget to set permissions afterwards to make the new /data dir and it's content/subdirs writable to Typesetter/PHP.


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Hi again,

Actually I saw, that I needed to transfer both data and addons. Transferred both folders via FTP, and everything came back :-D

Thx a lot for support to both of you :-)


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