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Typesetter 5.1 is out and your existing 5.0.3 installation will tell you about the possibility to update via Admin Toolbox -> Updates

Due to a bug (that was only fixed shortly after the release of 5.0.3) the update process may fail.
Despite reporting success, Typesetter will remain version 5.0.3 afterwards.

If you encounter this issue, there are 2 ways to address it:

A) Fix the code yourself (probably faster)
     1. Open the file [Typesetter installation directory]/include/admin/Update.php from your webhost with a text editor.
     2. Find the following code block (lines 798 - 800)

        if( empty($content) ){
            return true;

         and change it to

        if( empty($content) ){

     3. Save/overwrite the file and restart the update process.


B) Perform a manual update
     1. Download Typesetter 5.1 here.
     2. Extract the /include directory from the Zip archive to your local computer.
     3. On your webhost rename the [Typesetter installation directory]/include directory to include503*
     4. Upload the include directory from your computer to the webhost (this may take a few miínutes depending on your internet speed).
         As soon as the upload completed, you're running Typesetter 5.1


* Keeping a backup of the the old /include directory on the server may come in handy in case anything goes wrong or if you want to roll back to version 5.0.3.
  If harddisk space matters, everything is fine and you like Typesetter 5.1, you can safely delete the /include503 directory later.

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Cheers for the quick, easy fix. 


4 years ago#10364

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