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Hello everyone!
I need some help in some scripts please!  I am looking for a forum script like the one that is being used here.
(It would be appreciaterd if I can get a copy of this one.)
Also I am looking for a script to handle audios. I would like for it to be able to play and download the audio file
on the same page and to be able to handle it alphabetically.

I do not know much about scripting and if someone is offering to make or pass down some scripts, it would be
appreciated in doing also.( I can not offer any pay...sorry I am on a very tight monthly budget)

I am putting a web site up for military veterans from around the world.
If you have any questions/comments, please let me know ASAP!

Thanks for your time in reading this and in advance for your help.


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Hi quietstorm,

For the forum system: Due to Typesetter's flat-file nature, it is not exceptionally well suited for forums, which are mostly database-driven.
The one used here is, as far as I know, a custom database-based implementation (I would be astonished if it was not). I fear it will not be available, since this has been asked before.
To build a community platform, you will be better off with a different CMS, maybe bbPress or vanillaforums.

For the audios: Sermons is probably the best solution for Typesetter. Don't know if it has a download option, though.

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Hi Juergen,

Can I add to your suggestions to quietstorm re forums.

I've been using Typesetter for years - Josh's wonderful creation, and it covers so much of what people require their websites to do. I think there should be a least one option for every type of component a website might need (like forum, newsletter, cart, etc), so I just wanted to inform other Typesetter users (because there must be many other users out there on the sidelines like me, keeping an eye on Typesetter all the time) that there is another free, open source, forum software that can be incorporated into Typesetter. You may all already know about it - - also there used to be a plugin in the 'pluggins' section of this site that allowed it to be installed seamlessly, but it was removed (might have been compromised previously). It is a database driven forum, but if you need to add a forum, you'll probably be happy to use a database version - are there even any flatfile forums out there?

However, the plugin for integrating FluxBB is out there on the net. It was created by another user (Dominion IT). The plugin works really well with latest version of FluxBB and FluxBB is fully customisable, with mobile-responsive themes, plus it has ever feature I could imagine. So I don't know if it's ok to post a link to this external site to the plugin, or if this ok to do Johannes, if you're listening? :)

The only thing that I couldn't get going was using this plugin using pretty URLs (hiding  'index.php'), so could anyone help me with that, if you've already done it, or would know how to do it.

Great to see another version of Typesetter released, thanks J├╝rgen - can't wait to download and try it out (anywhere that there a full list of changes?) It's such a brilliant CMS. I've suggested before that even a donation link should be set up if it helped development, because I wouldn't hesitate to give something back.

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For the FluxBB plugin: I remember it but never used it myself. If it is still working and you have a link I wouldn't hesitate to post it here.
If it doesn't play well with pretty URLs, it most likely cannot use the rewrite rules Typesetter sets in .htaccess. But maybe this can be fixed.

...or if this ok to do Johannes, if you're listening? :)

Unfortunately I haven't seen him here anymore for quite some time.

For flat-file forums: I checked the few that were available (some 2-3 years ago, though). None was too convincing. Might be different today but I doubt.

Of course, it should always be possible to run an independent forum system inside an iframe on a Typesetter page. For the abovementioned URL rewriting issue, it shouldn't be installed in a subdirectory of the Typesetter installation but e.g. on a different subdomain.
Typesetter ->, Forum:

anywhere that there a full list of changes?

sure, see

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