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I recieved an error message while trying to update one of my clients website from GPEasy 4.4 to Typesetter 5.1:

The website uses theme Lock 1.1, I intend to update the theme to 1.3, which can use Typesetter 5+. Do I have to update the theme first?


Oops, an error occurred while generating this page.

Error Details

array( [type] => (integer)64 [message] => (string)require_once(): Failed opening required '/home/virtual/' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php56/lib/php') [file] => (string)/home/virtual/ [line] => (integer)447 [request] => (string)/include/install/update.php?cmd=update )

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How can I solve this problem??


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Seems that the update did not pass through.

In TS 5, combine.php does not exist anymore in /include and common.php will in turn not try to include it from there anymore.
Therefore it looks as if the updater deletetd the old combine.php but didn't replace common.php

I'd go for a manual update (replace the /include directory with the one from the current Download ZIP)

You should be able to update the Lock Theme afterwards.


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H Jürgen,

that solved my problem:-) I wasn't aware of the problem with the automatic update, I should have done it manually, which I know works just fine.

Thx for your help (once again:-)


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