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Hi everyone,

is there any chance to get something like a "strip_tags" to the head's title-tag?

I use the configuration's "page-titel" to design the (navbar-)brand appearance a little bit, but the inserted style-attribute will than appear in the browser's tab or title bar. With the "strip_tags" it will be gone there, but the brand is still well modified.

For the time beeing, it works when manually changing "/include/tool/Output.php" line 1354., but only until next update...

What can I do to place this request?




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I'd say the title isn't meant to contain HTML markup.


A) We have a plugin filter hook 'MetaTitle' to modify the title (see here). You can use it in a theme as well.

B) You might want to change template.php and replace
  global $config;
  echo common::Link('',$config['title'],'','class="navbar-brand"');


<?php \gp\tool\Output::Get("Extra", "Brand"); ?>

Create a new Extra Content Area 'Brand' and edit on page.

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... isn't meant to contain ...

Yes, that is right, but If someone uses it this way :-) the "strip_tags" would be a good and safe way to clean that up and prevent from looking ugly. Never mind... I will try the hook approach.

Thanks /cs


3 years ago#10359

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On the other hand, it won't hurt. Therefore, added.
3 years ago#10360

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