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I would like to have a description to an image in my site, but I cannot  found how to replase lorem ipsum around of image with my text.

Do you know how to?

Thank you a lot!

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 I cannot  found how to replase lorem ipsum around of image with my text.

I suppose that you use Editable text & Image section.

Hover text, click on pencil menu and choose edit.

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Thanks but I could not find this you wrote.

See as example this printscreen.

The text around Darwin's photo I cannot edit.

How I can add caption to a photo?
Thank you.

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Ok. Text "Lorem ipsum.." around Charles foto in Image Properties dialogue is just an example. It is to visualize HSpace/VSpace/Alignment properties. But you can edit you section text "To 1872... ".

What do you expect from image when talk about DESCRIPTION? Maybe you need open page with description in modal window? In that case you can insert link to such page and set target to popup window. Or maybe you need to use some plugin like

Please describe you aim.

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