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Hello Developers,

I am a German user of Typesetter in the version 5.1.0 and would like to include a code with the CookieBar in the template. But it is not that simple.

How can I do it best? The generated code with "<script> ..... Code .... </script>" already exists.

Thanks in advance.

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Look at theme ThemeGarage-Gold ( for example.

You will see in template.php strings like

        $page->head_js[] = dirname($page->theme_path) . '/scripts.js';

So if you write your  ..... Code .... in scripts.js it will be included in your page html via string like

<script type="text/javascript" src="/themes/MyTheme/scripts.js?v=5.1"></script>

And all should work fine.

I hope, my "advice" will help you:)

6 years ago#10403

OK thank you.

Your tips have brought something and I can put the scripts simply in the "head" area of the template.php.

That worked very well and the cookie bar is now displayed.

6 years ago#10405

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