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Hi, I'm working on converting an HTML theme to gpEasy and have what is probably a basic question.  The HTML theme has 4 columns in the footer for news, blog posts, etc.  I'd like the theme to have an option to have put either Extra Content or Gadgets in each of the 4 columns.  What do I put in the theme file to make those 4 regions have the ability to add content?  I know that I can put something like <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra','Footer_Left'); ?> and then create the Footer_Left extra content and it will then let me insert new items but is there a way to have a region to insert new items without having to reference an existing extra content item first?

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Charles S
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gpEasy 1.7 no longer needs you to reference the specific "extra" area. If you have any type of editable area called then you can put in any other type via "edit layout"


I use fullmenu wherever I want an area that can add/remove extra content areas, menus, or gadgets. Then via the "edit layouts" I remove what I don't want and insert what I do.

gpEasy 1.6 required you to have the specific output function. 1.7 only needs an output function that creates any type of editable area.

gpEasy 1.7b1 is very stable however, if you are going to upgrade to it make sure and backup your site first just in case something goes wrong.

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