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Hi Advanced Contact Form settings havent changed but since changing to V5.1 the contact form wont send comes up with Subject error XSS. Ive checked gpconfig.php and define('gp_nonce_algo','sha512'); is set.

Simple contact form continues to work fine.


Any advice please, or anything I can do to help sort?. Thanks, Alistair.

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Hi all. If you get to this really important issue (it was almost a deal breaker for me) the only valid method I found is to ditch advanced contact form and replace it with special contact form which is totally reliable.

Albeit it was giving me messages which carried excess information eg if there was no material in a non-required field the data was still posted in the mail form which made it quite messy.!74QXmYAC!Z7JgVSehVqrldZj0j3GqBDKblvv_Fi3K6tK3vfEcITM

You can get the modified special contact form (form.php) which will go into your eg /data/_addoncode/rwhr6yk latter may vary.

If you make any changes to form.php please lets know here and I can keep it updated. Ideally in  my case it would have date fields but I dont have time or expertise to mod to that degree.


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