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Hi, my question is simple, but didn't find a way to do this from Docs.

When I use my own template, if I want to make only a few specific yet separate areas simply editable for a customer. Let's say there's three elements to edit ONLY. 1) Topic; 2) Text area; 3) Image.

Is there a way to define these with php calling separately on a template. So that when a customer goes to the admin, he/she can only edit those three very simple areas and not to play with a full page structuring?

<?php $page->GetContent(); ?>

With following I can call FULL page content. But is there anyway to have three content areas defined only for a specific areas as listed in above? Therefore, in my template I would define the editable areas all separately and those would be the only editable areas later also, instead of having one large content area.

Basically that would mean having x3 limited very small content areas, instead of one very large. How can I have three (or any amount) of editable regions of any page contents areas editable instead of one large content area?

<div><img src="IMAGE.JPG"></div>


Thanks for your help in advance. Just need a very basic changes made without an option to for full page editing in this case.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

First of all, unfortunately, we do not have multiple regular content areas per page.
There is one single main content area and there may be several additional "Extra Content" areas, the latter are part of the "Layout" and render same on all pages using the same Layout.

But there are ways to achieve your goal.

  1. Use "File Include" sections
    As you may have already noticed, the main content area may contain several "Sections" (Context Menu->Manage Sections). The "File Include" section type merely includes content from different sources, which can be "Gadgets" or simply other pages (and "Extra Content" as of Typesetter 5.1). While we cannot set editing permissions for indiviual sections, we can restrict users to only be able to edit certain pages.
    Therefore, you could add a "File Include" section to a page without editing permissions but allow your user to edit the "File Include" section's source page.
  2. Use "Custom Sections"
    How can I have three (or any amount) of editable regions of any page contents areas editable instead of one large content area?
    As noted above, you can split the content into several sections. Which, in your case, would be "Editable Text" and "Image" or "Responsive Image(plugin)" section types.
    We do not have sth. like a  "Heading" section type, which would only allow to input a single heading text line.
    But there is "Custom Sections" (still in beta on GitHub). Custom Sections lets you create very specific section types with distinct content blocks and rendering. Check it out and see the included demo section types.
  3. Combining 1 and 2 would allow the editing restrictions you need.


Note: Typesetter allows a great amount of editing freedom. Admittedly, too much in some cases. So, it's worth mentioning that almost any other CMS is better suited for your use case, especially those which use templating engines like Smarty or Twig.


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