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Tried to view my website with the IE 11 browser, but it interprets it not correctly, no png's are showing, animated gif's won't animate, adds a lot of empty space.

The website uses the Bootswatch_Scss/Flatly theme. Also uses OnePageToolkit last ver.10b4. Using the Chrome and Firefox browsers everything looks ok, but IE 11 doesn't.

Can this be corrected or?

the website:


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Seems the site was built in the /onepage subdirectory and then moved to the document root.
There are lots of remaining <img src="/onepage/..."/> and also some links referring to "/onepage/..." resources in the page.

For whatever reason, IE treats such missing images as 1x1 pixel thingies, so the CSS rule
.gpRow img { max-width:100%; height:auto!important; } blows them up to huge empty areas.
Other browsers don't do such nonsense but merely ignore them.

Get rid of them (via CK Editor source) and everything will be fine.

On-the-fly proof:

In IE press [F12], then open the "Console" tab and  insert…


In the codeline at the very bottom, then hit Enter and see.

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Hi Jürgen,

and thx for the explanation.  I didn't think of everything, when I moved my site out of \onepage to \root. Luckily I downloaded the entire content from \public_html, before deleting all the old stuff. I also internally backup'ed the data before I deleted everything and made a new clean install. But of course, most of the graphics still would belong to the \onepage directory . I forgot that :-(

I am now making corrections, but this will be very time-consuming, as the site is filled with graphics. Do you know, if it's possible to do this another way instead of manually?


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> Do you know, if it's possible to do this another way instead of manually?

Yes but keep your backup, the process is potentially harmful and error-prone.

  • Copy your /data directory to a local drive
  • Use a code editor that can do text search+replace in multiple files and recursive directories. On Windows, e.g. Notepad++ can do it.
  • Click Menu -> Search -> Find in Files…
  • In the Directory field enter (or browse) the path to your local /data dir
    In the Search field enter    ="/onepage/
    In the Replace field enter    ="/
    In the Filter field enter    *.php
    Check [x] case sensitive !
    Check [x] current direcory
    Check [x] subdirectories
  • Click the [Replace in Files] button
  • When done, overwrite /data on your server with the now changed, local version

This will produce some double images you will have to remove afterwards, since the still existing (but formerly broken) versions will be fixed now.
Good luck.

Using this technique, I sometimes encountered broken special characters (umlauts, diacritics etc.) because file encoding was not always detected properly as utf-8.
Hopefully this will not occur on your side.

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Just another note:

When developing websites (with Typesetter but same with most other CMS and also static coded ones) I strongly recommend to use virtual hosts with subdomains instead of building in subdirecories.
So instead of it could be

With most hosting packages you can create multiple websites in the same 'webspace'* (file system path on your server), where your live version - the www subdomain - points to the /www directory and the develpoement  version e.g. to /onepage in your webspace.

This way the abovementioned issues will not occur, all the websites will be portable (because they all reside in their own 'document root', so URLs have no subdirectory prefixes) and you even can switch between version simply by renaming the directories on your server or change the vhost settings.

All you need is…

  • The possibility to manage subdomains with your control panel
  • A "wildcard entry" in your DNS record so any * request will point to your server IP

* Edit: With multiple domains served from the same webspace, I actually prefer the following directory structure

/[my web root]
 ├ /
 │ ├ /www ( requests go here)
 │ ├ /dev1 ( requests go here)
 │ └ /dev2 (etc.)
 ├ /
 │ ├ /www
 │ ├ /dev1
 │ └ …
 └ …

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