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Your product gp|Easy is very good.

However, i have the problem.

If i write in  template.php  <div id="sidepanel"><?php gpOutput::Get('FullMenu'); ?></div> i have the resultat :  OK, my extra aera "News" and other extra is display in sidepanel.            

If i write in template.php    <div id="sidepanel"><?php gpOutput::Get('Extra','News'); ?></div> i have the resultat : NOK, no one extra aera don't display in sidepanel

Why ? can you help me ?

Thank a lot.


PS: Excuse me for my english is bad

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Charles S
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What version are you using?

In 1.7b1 you can change the extra areas, menus, gadgets regardless of what output function is in the theme, as long as there is one of the three types of editable output functions, menu, gadget, extra. 

10 years ago#906

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