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Despite the fact that dates are set up for each new blog article,

<span class="simple_blog_date"></span>

remains empty as you can see.

Any possible reason for that?


    $blog_date = '<span class="simple_blog_date">';

    $blog_date .= strftime(SimpleBlogCommon::$data['strftime_format'],$post['time']);

    $blog_date .= '</span>';


After testing it appears that $data['strftime_format'] doesn't return anything while $post['time'] does.

And it's correctly set up in Admin_BlogConfig





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I've had this same issue previously and only had to debug it again recently. I don't know what causes the problem, but I was guessing it's a bug (maybe not quite a bug) that the date format on the hosting server or within Typesetter doesn't match the format of the Simple Blog plugin - so it may work for some where month comes before day in date format!!!!

To fix, enter a different date format in the back-end of Simple Blog configuration page in 'Date Format' field. Try: %b %Y as a test and this will display Month Year. You'll need to save configuration and may need to also click 'Regenerate Gadget' down the bottom of that config page too.

Let us know if that fixes it for you.

3 years ago#10506

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Hi Dal,

I've figured out that the problem happens only on my localhost.

No issue anymore when I test live on the remote server.

Since I don't have time for further testing I will lieave it as it is.

Thanks for reaching out!

3 years ago#10507

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