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hi, all. i would like tu use the contact page and on home the freeMailform with default php mail() in configuration and 'I'm no robot' google recaptcha.

but on both installations (local with MAMP and on the final server) i get error messages (XSS Verification Parameter Mismatch an serious problem..) even when using smtp instead. i then tried to change gpconfig.php like in the forum mentioned into: define('gp_nonce_algo','legacy'); but this didn't help.

also i got google recaptcha for the domain, but i do not manage where to find the form html for both contact forms to add the div like said in step2? at the moment there is only [captcha] instead of 'I'm no robot'.

is there any newer plugin maybe available? :(



fatal error text:

type Compile Error (64) message require_once(): Failed opening required '/customers/1/2/e/' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') file /customers/1/2/e/ line 138 request /content/ addon_name FreeMailForm addon_id 104 time 1522934774 request_method GET


edit: the standard contact page is working now with 'i'm no robot' if using the mail adress of the domain. but freeMailform doesn't. is there any othe way to implement the contact form on home page?



i found FreeMailForm Enhanced meanwhile (why is it not on the plugin page?) – now recaptcha is working, but no more succes message ?

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