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Never stopped and thought about it, but I noticed that jQuery is called on every gpEasy page. I understand it is used a lot in the admin and for the gallery pages but on regular pages? Since a theme defines what is used as far as CSS & JS I don't understand why this 71KB file is being called for every page. I would think page load time would decrease if it weren't. . . .

Anyone know if it is used on each page. . . for something I'm unaware of?

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Normally jquery should have only a size of 24 kB (minified and gzipped)

But it would be a nice feature to enable/disable it per page.

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Charles S
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24 KB, yeah that's what they say but download it and you go 70 KB but they claim it loads faster than the other version. . .so I don't know where they get the 24 KB.

I think anything that helps keep our site's page load times to an absolute minimum is a bonus. . . so, if it isn't needed for every page it wold be nice to not have it load.


Read an article about letting Google host your jQuery. The person claims that you will get faster page loads by switching from local to Google in part due to cache from other sites as more and more big sites switch to Google hosting it. I've switched over two sites and can't say they load any slower. . . maybe even faster.

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