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I tried to add a local javascript which resides in a /js - subdir of a template, but what i saw in the forum did not function

$page->head_js[] = $addonRelativeCode.'/init.js'; is for plugins  - does not come up

$page->head_js[] = '/js/javascript.js';  gives in the sourcecode a link to '/js/init.js'; and so does not function: just a klick on the link in the sorcecode of firefox....

echo '<script src="'.dirname($page->theme_path).'/js/init.js"></script>'; does not function ! - does not come up in the source of the site

I found a solution  :

global $page,  $themepath;

$themepath = $page->theme_path;

$dirjs = dirname($themepath) ;  // $dirjs = dirname($page->theme_path) ; 

$page->head_js[] = $dirjs . '/js/init.js'; 

and finally

$page->head_js[] = dirname($page->theme_path) . '/js/init.js'; 

But who knows a documented standard solution for Typesetter 5.1

What i found at Github was

$page->head_js[] = rawurldecode($page->theme_path).'/script.js';


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$page->head_js[] = rawurldecode($page->theme_path).'/script.js';

is the safest route to go because it will even cope with theme folder names containing spaces and/or special characters.

AFAIK, $addonRelativeCode will only be availabe inside plugin hooks, which may be part of themes, but most themes don't implement such.

Once a theme uses plugin hooks, such as the getHead hook, you can add custom js and css via this hook using $addonRelativeCode.
E.g. Theme Cajón uses advanced techniques in this regard and makes use of several plugin hooks.

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