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Have just reinstalled a website from 2015 on the same server as before. I deleted the server for all the old files, then made a new clean install using the old GPEasy ver. 4.3.4, thereafter uploading the unzipped files from my recent gpexport-file.

Site name:

Then I made the website switch to HTTPS.

Everything seems to be working right, also with HTTPS, but I cannot logon as an administrator, instead I get an error message saying something like this: "Sorry, your session has expired. Please login again. (timeout)."

But I have never logged in on this "new" site! 

Can this reinstallation (old version of GPEasy) not run under HTTPS? Or is there another issue?

It looks like I only have this problem when using google Chrome ver. 69. It works ok with FF and IE, but somehow everytime I try to login via Chrome, I'll have to wait 15 minutes to login again. It's if Chrome thinks I have logged in and out again when I haven't ???


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Sorry, I don't know the cause of this issue this time, but two things come to mind:

uploading the unzipped files from my recent gpexport-file

  1. Have you tried to create an _exports directory in the new site's /data directory, copy the exported archive there and restore it via gpEasy's internal method?
    That's the way to restore an export, normally (which will care about an installation's unique ID).
  2. Does anything speak against using a more recent Typesetter version?
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Hi Jürgen, had to try those issues out.

1. Created a directory and copied the gzip file in it.

GPeasy could not restore the export via it's internal method. I had to unpack and copy via FTP, no problem.

It was neccessary to install the old site, to be able to create a new with latest version cms. The old template does not work right just by update directly (rifle-default).

But I can use firefox to look at the old site, so I'll get by :-).

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