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Hi, I'm having a weird issue with my folders. After installing Typesetter and all the needed plugins, the folder enters in a locked state that denies me any kind of change, or even deletion. This means that I cannot install any plugins anymore, and that I also have a couple of frozen dead folders that I can't remove. Any ideas about what could be causing this?

Those are the plugins:

  • Simple Blog
  • Publication Date
  • Multiple Site
  • Easy Comments
  • Slider Factory
  • Responsive Image
  • Bootstrap Carousel Gallery



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That's because Typesetter will set permissions to folders created via PHP to 755 by default.
FTP user(s) normally will not have write access to these folders.

Depending on your server configuration ...

  • if the FTP user (or your system user, if you have shell access) is in the same group as Apache/PHP, group write permissions (775) will suffice
  • otherwise you will need write permissions for everyone (777)


To get write access, I recommend the following steps:

1 . edit /gpconfig.php

find the line (it's somewhere around 148)


and change it to


2. Log in to Typesetter

go to Admin Menu -> Tools -> Uninstall Prep and click the [ Continue ] button
(don't worry, nothing will be deleted - only file/folder permissions will be set to 777)

Then click the [ Restore ] button.
Typesetter will revert the file permissions, now the ones set in /gpconfig.php

3. Check if you may now write to the folders. If not, repeat steps 1. and 2. but using



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