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How to install washbasin faucet, TOTO kitchen faucet simple, technically correct

If you buy TOTO sanitary equipment but do not know how to install the sink, kitchen faucet, please refer to the installation guide we shared below to manipulate for accurate, fast and effective. After choosing to buy TOTO sanitary equipment, how many customers are interested in how to install TOTO dishwashing faucet? In fact, when buying TOTO shower hose at genuine stores and agents, customers will be supported with home installation service. However, if not supported or you want to install TOTO kitchen faucet, install TOTO sink faucet, you need to know the basic steps. Advice on how to install sinks, TOTO kitchen faucet How to install dishwasher hose so that it is correct is not everyone knows. If TOTO lavatory is installed in the wrong way, it will affect the water supply efficiency of the device, not safe for users.

Currently on the market there are many brands of dishwashers for customers to choose from popular lines to high-end such as TOTO, Inax, Caesar, Viglacera, ... With TOTO sanitary equipment, you have many TOTO brass kitchen faucet models are made of pure nickel-chromium plated copper material with good heat resistance, not rusty, so cleaning is easy. Right now, please refer to and perform steps to install TOTO dishwashers which are detailed below to avoid errors or malfunctions. How to install TOTO dishwasher hose + Step 1: Clean the entire water supply system by opening the total valve and branch valves for running water for a period of 5 minutes. This helps ensure your family has a clean water source when using it. + Step 2: Install the rubber ring on the purchased trunk. + Step 3: Through the hole available in the pot, use the foot level to tap the sink. + Step 4: Install rubber cushion and positioning pad on the tap.

+ Step 5: Twist the nut into the positioning bolts, then tighten the tap body to the pot tightly.

Step 6: Install the hot water supply line, supply the cold water to the water supply line of the faucet

The notes when installing TOTO kitchen faucet + The area of ​​TOTO kitchen faucet installation needs to ensure the convenience so that when necessary, it is possible to check the siphon system easily. + In the process of installing the kitchen faucet, the waiting head should be placed under the surface of the 200mm pot to avoid the head waiting too high or

The hose is folded. + Absolutely do not leave utensils or towels under the basin to prevent the system from being exposed or leaking water. Notes when using kitchen faucets and sinks + In the process of using, absolutely do not rotate, break the kitchen faucet up or press down to avoid making the faucet broken, causing a water leak . The tap can only turn from left to right and vice versa horizontally at an aperture. + Do not pour tea residue into the sink or use high acidic cleanser to clean the bowl and wash basin. + Remove garbage bins and clean regularly as well as check whether this part is broken or not to avoid littering water pipes to create congestion. + Check the water supply system if you see weak water flow or see if the perineal part is folded or the water valve system is loose or not. The nozzle head should be removed to check if the residue is weakening the flow of water. With the above instructions for installing and using the dishwasher faucet, your family can completely install TOTO washbasin faucet without having to call for expensive service. If you have any questions or want to buy dishwashing products, please come to Hai Linh Showroom at address at 275 Khuat Duy Tien - Thanh Xuan - Hanoi and 532 Duong Lang - Dong Da - Hanoi. Or customers can contact the hotline directly: 0936 55 22 66 for support, dedicated advice to help you buy and install products in the easiest way.

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