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Hi Juergen,


I have installed the OnePage toolkit 1.0b5, Great feature!! But:

Is have created 3 wrappers with anchors, it will show in the source code like this:

When i use the scroll indicator and select the last anchor, it will make that Anchor active, but automaticaly it will flip 
the previous section "isActive".

What can be wrong?


Hope to hearn from you soon.




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For example see

3 years ago#11244

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What can be wrong?

Lots, LOL.

Seriously, OPTK is still a strange thing as such and I always have to tweak it a bit, everytime I use it myself.

Your issue *could* be related to a feature that allows to set a very last (and small) section active without being able to scroll down far enough to make it qualify for that role.

You could try to comment some lines between 253 and 260 in OnePageToolkit.js (see below) and see what happens then:

    var maxScrollTop = Math.max( $(document).height() - window.innerHeight );

    if( ($(window).scrollTop() + (screenHeight - scopeHeight) / 2) >= maxScrollTop ){
      // if the window is scrolled "almost" to the max (we again use the "scope" area), make the last section in scope "active"
      var activeSection = sections.filter(".section-inScope").last();
      // otherwise (normal case) we make the first section in scope "active"
      var activeSection = sections.filter(".section-inScope").first();
/*    } */


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