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I have a site running Typesetter, which I'm happy with.  Howeveer. our organisation are holding a festival, which I wish to create a second designated site for, in a subdomain,

My hosts provide me with ample space and when I log in via FTP, I get a list of folders, one of which is called "public_html" which is the root of my site, if you will.  Therefore this folder contains the usual subdirectories of a Typesetter install - data, themes, addon, include. 

When I set up a subdomain in cPanel,, a new folder named "whatever" appears in my public_html folder.  If I upload the Typesetter install files to this folder, then navigate to, the install form appears.  However, when I complete the form and click Install, it just reloads the blank install form.  No error message or anything given. Any ideas as to why this might be or how to determine what the reason for failure is?



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Please avoid multiple CMS installations in nested directory structures.
.htaccess directives inherit their rules to subdirectories which most likely causes your issues.

Try to configure the hosts in a way that the main domain's (www / no subdomain) document root points to a seperate directory on the webhost, similar to the festival subdomain.

  /www/[main site Typesetter installation]
  /festival/[festival siteTypesetter installation]

I myself always organize my webspaces like that, includig directories for the main domains.


edit: once the host config is changed you can simply move the main site installation to it's new directory.

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