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I buy webspace in a new server and I would like to install my zip file of website
I find this information ( ) but while I did the steps of second solution, didn work after install in data_install folder my zip file.
I took this message: 

Notice: The site configuration did not load properly.

If you are the site administrator, you can troubleshoot the problem turning debugging "on" or bypass it by enabling Typesetter safe mode.
I change permission of folder in 777.

More information is available in the Documentation.
What must I do?
To delete installation? What? Thank you very much!

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UPDATE: I delete Typesetter installation to server. I am waiting for some reply to reisntall Typesetter old site in my server. Thank you.
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1. Install Typesetter CMS

2. You have the site with demo content. This content placed in folder  /Data on your server.

3. Empty the folder /Data on your server.

4. Copy all files from the folder /Data on your old server to folder /Data on new one.

Everything should work fine except permalinks maybe

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The easist way is to make a backup of the old installation (under :Tools)  and save it to Your harddisk. Then  make a new installation at  the new provider under a directory with the same name as the old installation.

Then make a backup of the new installation and copy the Backup-Zip of the old installation into the backup-directory of the new installation.

After that You can see both zips under : tools - backup , and then klick at : Revert !

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