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Sorry for being so dumb but how do I install a plugin? Can't find it in the docs!


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OK, I found it at the top!

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Okay, I'm missing something obvious here, as I don't see any options for "comments" anywhere.

Upgrade GP? Check.

Download / upload 1.3 of Simple Blog? Check

Go to Admin/plug in manager -- 1.2.1 of "Simple Blog" shows up, 1.3 of "Simple_Blog" does not...and 1.2.1 still points to "simple blog" directory rather than "simple_blog" directory. 

I'm worried in doing all this I'm going to lose my five detailed blog entries and won't be able to get them back took me a while to get the formatting right on them, as default OLD styles seem to have been embedded inline for some reason I can't fathom and changing the CSS wasn't changing the entry properly.

Thoughts, anyone? Do I have to "uninstall" 1.2.1?


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I knew I was missing something easy -- when I D/Led, it created a folder called Simple_Blog. Within that, there was ANOTHER directory called basically nested itself one level too far down. When I uploaded, it couldn't find anything.

I did get it working, but all my previous posts were gone...fortunately, I had backed up earlier so could find the post_0.php file from that, but when I copied it over, the new blog wouldn't recognize it, since it has a different file structure. Should include a warning I think for this one that upgrading involves a new installation, rather than simple upgrade (unless there was another migratory option I didn't see).


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Josh S.
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All you need to do is put the files from the new Simple Blog plugin into your existing system. On your installation you probably have the files in /addons/Simple Blog. So instead of creating /addons/Simple_Blog, just put all those files in the existing folder.

Then, there is actually one more step, go to your "Plugins" page and go through the "Upgrade" process for the plugin.

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Doh! I did it in the wrong order -- I upgraded, copied stuff over, installed new files in new directory, deleted old. Doh!


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Simple_Blog makes gpEasy a great simple CMS that i've ever learned. Anyway, it seems that all of the posted are stored within only 1 single file, isn't it? Or will Simple_Blog spilt these contents when the size of this file reach at some point?

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Yep - your second idea is right ;).

One cache file contains only 20 entries.

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Thanks cybermax. That's pretty cool ;)

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I have installed the current version of Simple Blog. There is no possibility to adding/configure comments on posts. May be, this version is a little bit buggy?

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it's a bit hidden, I had the same problem to find it, just like you.


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Sorry, that's my fault :(

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Also some alternative "date format" for blog posts could be nice:

currently is only like a "posted on 9/5/2011" ,

also could be like a "posted 15 minutes[/hours/days] ago" ~~ for example for posts younger than 1 month.

(similar like here on this forum)

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