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I hope there's one in this forum that can help - it's about

A friend of mine have a site run with gpeasy. There's a page called kontakt (contact) link:
reCaptha is shutdown (it's ver. 1) but the company that bulid the site is existing anymore and my friend doens't know how to upgrade to a newer ver. of reCaptha
I promissed to help, but when looking in filamanger there's no file called "Kontakt"
I work with and know a bit of CMS systems (WP, RapidWeaver, Dreamwever, Wix ToalCMMS and much more) and it's strange no to operate a site management only with index-files (doesn't make sense to Google)

Well my Q is - is there anybody here in this forum that knows a bit to gpeasy - and could tell me where to find the file that generates Kontakt page?

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8 Plugins is not a gpeasy-site ! Gpeasy has some security risks and has several bugs and limitations  A better solution is to use the momentary Typesetter master :

Just make a new directory with the same(!) name as the directory of the present gpeasy-installation and install typesetter5.1b1.  After installation of some plugins under the addon-directory  by hand the next step is to create the same directory structure as in Gpeasy by hand  and the contact site will be automatically there.

Then You  install the  by hand in ckeditor so that You can go  into the sourcecode of a site . You  can then copy the sourcecode of a gpeasy-site into the sourcecode of teh equivalent typesetter-site - and evtl. make some minor corrections. Then You have an uptodate CMS with forum support.

There is also and


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Hi there, seems to be gpEasy 3.5.2.

You could try the following steps to manually update the site to the current Typesetter version (ideally to 5.1.1-b1), with the ability to roll back, in case it won't work this easy way:

  • Download the current master (Typesetter 5.1.1-b1) from GitHub
  • Extract the ZIP archive to your local computer
  • Make a copy of the extracted /inlude directory and name it /include511b1
  • Copy the whole /include511b1 directory to the webserver
  • When done, rename the old /include directory on the server to /include352
  • Rename /include511b1 to /include
  • See if it works. If not, you can just roll back to 3.5.2 by reverting the names of the /include* dirs

You may also need to replace /gpconfig.php on the webserver with the new version.
Same might apply to /.htaccess. If you replace /.htaccess, you'll need to make it writable to PHP to re-enable URL-rewriting via Configuration->Settings->Permalinks

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