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I don't mind showing Typesetter some love by showing the "Powered By" link in the footer of my webpage, but I don't really care for the large prominent gpEasy logo at the top of my webpage. How do I get rid of it.
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If You klick in Firefox with the right mousekey at the logo  and then at 'Inspect element'(Q) in the opening menu - then you can see the code which generates the logo -.the eqivalent code in the bootm-menu makes the logo blue.

You can You give me an example site - which version of gpeasy do You use ?

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Using Typesetter v 5.1

The logo is found on each page of the subdomain

As you instructed, I can see the code (I think), but I still don't understand how to modify the code or otherwise get rid of the logo.

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By right-clicking on it, I discovered that it is labeled as "/themes/h5/light/mini-logo.png." I don't see it mentioned in any of the source code.

If I were to delete that file on our server, would that do the trick of removing the logo from my webpages, or would it create some other problem?

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It may come with the <?php gpOutput::GetHead(); ?> in the template - which You can disable for test. (

gpOutput :: GetHead (); loads all components of the header that are controlled by gpEasy. These are, for example, the page title <title>, meta keyword, the meta description, the layout style sheet used and some other css and scripts.

gpOutput :: Get ("Extra", "header"); loads  the logo block, which is editable for the admin.

Another 'bad' solution is to create a  white 3px-picture in irfanview (or other)  and then save it  as mini-logo.png (rename the other before) and set the transparent color to white. This leaves the image which is invisible.

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