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Hi, I am starting to get grips with typesetter cms.

How ever I cannot edit the slides in the modern business theme (on the home page).
Some help greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for support



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In my test - under Xampp 7.2 (Typesetter 5.1b1) the problem was, that the bootstrap.min.css was not imported by the

@import url{'/include/thirdparty/Bootstrap3/css/bootstrap.min.css';}  at the top of the style.css, and the styling did not function

Try to insert at the head of the style.css  instead 

@import url('bootstrap.min.css');
@import 'bootstrap.min.css';

and copy the bootstrap-min.css (also the new version 3.7) into the directory of the style.css

One of them will function.

If this  doesnt solve the problem, then probably a Javascript has not been loaded. You can see that in the sourcecode of the site (at the bottom).

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Hi Mabu thanks

I am working directly online and not on local machine
Going thru folders and files I cannot find the style.css
Where should it be?


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1. The style.css is under /Themes / Modern Business /default .   

If You have installed the theme by online-installation then it is somewhere in a directory under /data/_themes/....

The bootstrap.min.css is under /include /thirdparty /Bootstrap3 /css/  -->bootstrap.min.css

Just copy the style.css to a temporary folder on Your  harddisk and edit it (with notepad++ portable) and change the first line as described.

2 If You just want to test it You can go into a site with the theme - in the right top corner is Layout -> klick and choose Your template. 

The layout-editor opens and  You can add :   @import url('');

3. A Javascript may also not function because of a Javascript-Blocker - Plugin in Your browser!)

Which Version of Typesetter do You use - which browser and which php-Version ?

If You have further problems, please zip the Modern Business - directory und upload it here.

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You can change pictures and settings here:

themes/Modern Business/images/carousel
themes/Modern Business/default/style.css
themes/Modern Business/settings.php
themes/Modern Business/template.php


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in settings.php is

global $config,$page,$addonRelativeCode,$addonPathCode;
$MB_Carousel = true;
$MB_Carousel_caption = true;
$MB_Carousel_Indicators = true;
$MB_Carousel_Path = __DIR__.'/images/carousel/';

But he doesnt seem to have modified the parameters - as he didnt know where to find the theme in his web-installation - so it  should be a javascript , if the site comes up except the problem with the slider. I made another online-installation on php5.6 and it functioned imediately..

( In the template is twice  ($i == 0) - it should better be ($i === 0). (deprecated, hiddden type castings) ; <html> should have a lang-attribute.

in template.js  :  men = $('.gpArea_FullMenu ul').first();  should be :  var men = $('.gpArea_FullMenu ul').first(); because of implicit declaration ) -

nevertheless....we have an alternative Sliderfactory - plugin with demo at


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