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Hi, it seems that typesetter use fonts from and

Is there a possibility to deactivate all these fonts?

If yes, how can i do this?

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Typesetter (the core system) itself doesn't load any google fonts by default – it's the theme(s) which do. Hence there is no global configuration option for that.

Which theme(s) are you using?



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I use only the default theme  (default) Bootswatch_ScssFlatly
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Ok, here we go …

1. Open [your Typesetter installation root]/themes/Bootswatch_Scss/Flatly/style.scss and comment out lines 7 and 8

@import 'include/thirdparty/Bootstrap3/scss/_bootstrap.scss';

// Flatly 3.3.5
// Bootswatch
// -----------------------------------------------------

// $web-font-path: ",700,400italic" !default;
// @import url($web-font-path);

2. If you like to keep the Lato fonts but don't want it to load from a third party, you will need to host it yourself.

Easiest way to do this is to use my web font package plugin

  • Download
  • Upload the extracted folder 'Lato2015' from the ZIP archive to your server into the  [your Typesetter installation root]/addons directory
  • Install using Typesetter's Admin Toolbox -> Plugins -> Manage -> Available -> Lato 2.015 LX Fonts


3. Since I do font-family definitions slightly different than Goggle, we need to change a Scss theme variable:

Open [your Typesetter installation root]/themes/Bootswatch_Scss/Flatly/variables.scss and change case in line 46 from 'L' to 'l'

//== Typography
//## Font, line-height, and color for body text, headings, and more.

$font-family-sans-serif:  "lato", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
$font-family-serif:       Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;


FYI: This self-hosted font package comes with Lato ver 2.015 as latin-extended character set including all weights and italics. Although Bootswatch Scss Flatly only needs the weights 400 (Regular) and 700 (Bold) dy default, you now have 'Lato Thin', 'Lato Light', 'Lato', 'Lato Bold' and 'Lato Black' available for inline formatting in CK Editor's 'Font' dropdown list. If you want to use e.g. Lato Light in your stylesheet, write font-family: lato-light; font-weight: normal;

If you're just fine without Lato and use the default sans-serif, omit step 2 and in step 3 remove "Lato", from the variable definition.

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Many thanks Juergen for the detailed explanation and the Lato font download. It worked wonderfully. :)
Small correction for my case: the path for style.css and variables.scss is

not in
[your Typesetter installation root]/themes/Bootswatch_Scss/style.scss
but in
[your Typesetter installation root]/themes/Bootswatch_Scss/Flatly/style.scss

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 the path for style.css and variables.scss is

Oh, yes of course. Thanks for the hint.
I'll edit my post...

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