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Hi all,

I think I have configured my sites email details correctly as the Contact Form works, but the plugin Minishop doesn't seem to email anything.

Contact form mail settings:

mail delivery method: PHP mail()

SMPT host, username and password are correct and filled out.

Minishop says it emails the admins email address, I have checked this and made sure the address is correct. I have also checked for spam, no emails get received. I hope this is something simple to fix as I really could use the Minishop plugin for my site and there doesn't seem to be an alternative.


Thanks for any help,

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You filled out phpmail and smtp host etc. ? ( ->Admin/Configuration ) -

No - You must use Mail Delivery Method  : SMTPauth  instead of phpMail (or just phpMail  and the rest blank)

If  You want safe TLS-Email with smtp  may evtl. help You.

* So You should at first just use phpmail and send a testmail - if this mail arrives , then You can test smtp.

Evtl. it is also a problem of the provider ( ; and blocked mail ports, because

Port 25 is often abused for spammail. Other hopefully open ports are 587 and  465.

First if this functions, it may be a problem of the plugin ? Which version of phpmailer do You use ?

For Typesetter 5.1+ is a safer new Phpmailer-plugin.5.27

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Hi Mabu,


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I followed all your instructions and did lots of testing and have come to the conclusion that it seems to be working, but Hotmail seems to block anything from Minishop specifically which is rather strange. Hotmail will receive submitted messages from the Typesetter contact form, but not the Minishop. I did a little research and it is apparently something to do with the coding of the receivers email. Apparently the contact form does this right, but Minishop does it differently.

To get around my problem I have set up a different independent mailbox for the minishop emails for now.


FYI the information I found during research was this:

"You're missing the string "-f <from address>" as the fifth parameter.

The PHP Manual points out that you need to supply this so that the MTA will send the correct "From" address on the envelope. Setting it in the headers isn't enough. This sort of inanity is why I dis-recommend mail() and point people towards php-mailer or similar."

from this thread:

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I got it with a different configuration :

A. Contact form : [email protected]



B. Contact Form (Advanced) :  Php Mail


[email protected]

Your password.

It seems that the user must be the same in both - my shop-testmail arrived  - all not quite obvious...

* What i still must check is, whether it really was sent by tls or just by phpMail , because Microsoft had it in the span folder (gmail not).

The Emailer.php Line 31 ff

//smtp & smtpauth
                case 'smtpauth':
                    $this->SMTPAuth = true;
                    $this->Username = \gp\tool::ConfigValue('smtp_user','');
                    $this->Password = \gp\tool::ConfigValue('smtp_pass','');
                case 'smtp';
                    $this->Host = \gp\tool::ConfigValue('smtp_hosts','');

Perhaps someone else knows more about it ?

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