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I just found Typesetter today I like what I'm seeing. Especially the frontend editor seems like a good balance between flexibility and simplicity without being an overkill. One thing that I can't find an answer to however is whether it's possible to create a bit more advanced layouts with Typesetter. I'm asking this because every demo or theme screenshot I can find only show simple text-image based pages. What I would need on the other hand is something more modern, especially a hero-image area, backgrounds for full width containers etc. Something like you can find e.g. on this demo:

I would greatly appreciate an opinion from Typesetter users as to whether such use is possible with this CMS while keeping it's great features like the frontend editor I mentioned.




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If You have a deeper look at Grav, You see themes under 'user' and / or packets of 1 theme bundled with the complete CMS.

The reason is simple : Just look into the source code of the themes - they are connected with yaml and have lots of files (25+).

Typesetter has the possibility to use scss and less besides css. It is not supersimple but leaves You all posibilities.

Bootstrap has an inner grid-system and You can add a different theme to every side - and also use several trees.

I would never take GRAV - it is also boaring slow to administer  and  boaring to install (lots of plugins to install after) !

Typesetter is not only a compromise but offers immediately and fast more possibilities than Grav. 

There are advanced themes like

But a real web-programmer should know how to program advanced themes - the main problem is to program them responsive and equal looking in all browsers.

Grav starts with a markdown editor like Wikipedia - so the templates must be rather simple. Ckeditor is just a git-plugin.

(It is generally possible to make a site with a free windows-markdown-editor and then copy it into the sourcecode of a site)

Backgrounds for full width containers are a theme of Bootstrap 4 (and smartstrap4). It should not be so difficult to program a landing page with hero image.

The themes  i saw in Grav are rather simple - Wordpress offers similar themes... (You can - inofficial -  install TWIG with composer)

For a ONE PAGER is

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One thing that I can't find an answer to however is whether it's possible to create a bit more advanced layouts with Typesetter.

Are you familiar with Bootstrap's basic layout and grid system? If so…

For creating full-width sections there are 2 different approaches.

  1. IMO the better one: Edit template.php and remove the 'container' class from the <div> or <main> element that wraps the <?php $page->GetContent(); ?> call.
    This way, every new section you create will be full-width. If you want a container, you will have to add a 'Section Wrapper' and apply the 'container' class manually via the Section Options icon -> Section Attributes dialog. Then put everything into this container wrapper. Same will apply if you want a 'row' with colums. This will lead to a more complex content section structure but you have full control of your content rendering.
  2. Use the 'makeFullWidth' CSS class that comes e.g. with the Slider Factory plugin to a 1st-level section or wrapper. It will break out of Bootstrap containers.


You can also add the makeFullWidth class to your theme CSS without installing SliderFactory:

html {

.makeFullWidth {



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P.S. The user has completely changed and shortened his first posting after my comment - it was at first like an advertising for grav .....
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