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I'm new tot Typesettercms, and for now I use it on localhost on my laptop (xampp install on Windows 10).

Most things seem to work ok, however: when I go to Content->Extra content, I see each line has the following buttons: Preview, Publish Draft, Edit and Delete.

But contrary to what I see on the demo, there is no "Visibility" button ...

This problem is already there with a fresh install of Typesettercms, both in English version and in Dutch translation.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Beste regards, Marc

3 years ago#11727

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Extra Content Visibility is a feature only implemented in the upcoming version 5.2

You can use the Typesetter 5.2 release candidate from GitHub

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Thanks for your reply, Juergen.

The demo on the typesettercms site made me believe that it was already there in 5.1.

Probably you can't tell me the exact final release date of 5.2, but should I think in terms of weeks, or rather in months?


Beste regards, Marc

3 years ago#11730

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