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is it possible to create a main link somewhere into the main menu, it would trigger a "Listen" function on all pages that way?

The function being: <a id="speaklink" accesskey="k">Listen</a>

And if not possible, how can I put a simple button to be visible on all pages?

There's a script to the function in the Head section: <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


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Create an Extra Content Area called e.g. 'Speaklink' containing your link code <a id="speaklink" accesskey="k">Listen</a>

Add to the menu: Create a new menu item and choose the 'Extra Content' tab in the dialog box -> [Copy] [New Page] [Available] [External Link] [Trash] [Extra Content]
Select your 'Speaklink' area from the list.

Add to the layout: Edit template.php and insert <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra', 'Speaklink'); ?> at an appropriate position in the code.

Add the script element: Edit template.php and insert
$page->head .= '<script src=""></script>';
at the end of the <?php … ?> block at the top of template.php

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Thx J├╝rgen,

works perfectly, now it's up to ReadIT's programmer (who doesn't know Typesetter), to make s few adjustments to the program itself.

I can always rely on you :-D


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