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A. I try to make a background-image for a bt4 - jumbotron , but 

background-image: url('../image/max-bender-580753-unsplash.jpg') no-repeat center top / cover;    has no effect  (my style.css is in a theme-subdirectory : /overlay)

* But  background: url('../image/max-bender-580753-unsplash.jpg') no-repeat center top / cover;   functions

B.  --  functions  (  background-image: url(; )   and   

background: url('') no-repeat center top / cover;   --    functions also at xampp .

Who has experience with background-image and Typesetter ( just not loading it from 'userfiles' but from Theme-directory).

P.S. : At is a hack-solution  < style type="text/css"> .bg-cover {  background-image: url('< ? php echo $pageFeaturedImage; ?>'); } < / style> - but that is a rather complicated 'solution' (php in a stylesheet..)....which should not function.

(Another possibility is of course Js : document.getElementsByClassName("jumbotron").style.backgroundImage = "url('bild.jpg')"; )


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