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I was trying to add a userspecific  <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra','footer-sm-1'); ?> to a template-footer, but i had no success :  {{Missing extra content "footer-sm-1"}}

In Extra Content  i find : Footer footer1 - footer2 - footer3 - Footer Column 1 - Footer Column 2 - Footer Column 3 - Footer Column 4 --- which function, but no footer-sm-1.

I would be an idea to expand Typesetter that userspecific extra-names appear under  Extra Content  - or is there another way ?

* In MN Business Fixnav 1.2 i have found a strange way ... if (!file_exists($dataDir.'/data/_extra/footer1.php')){
gpFiles::SaveFile($dataDir.'/data/_extra/footer1.php','<div><p>My Company Inc.<br />Main Street 1<br />1010 Vienna<br />Austria</p></div>');

which doesnt function with footer-sm-1 instead of footer1.

 P.S. SOLVED ..... not obvious

I have to add an new 'editable area'   footer-sm-1  in the CMS  under 'Extra Content' - the MN Business Fixnav-solution  seems rather superflous -

Then a folder ' footer-sm-1' appears under  /data/_extra. with a page.php  ---->  also for other beginners  - one of the many possibilities of Typesetter

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That's the correct way to do it.

Another way is to add a simple

<?php gpOutput::Get(); ?>

to template.php

This will create an 'empty Slot' you then can use to add extra content areas or menus via Layout Editor.

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