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Generaly: SMTP Auth using an existing mailbox on an external mail server should always work.

So I setting my gmail:  firstly ssl://  and than I try  tls://

SMTPAuth user/passwd: my gmail account.

I always get, when I using contact form an error messages: Can't send the messages something went wrong.

Please help.


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The error mechanism at specially Google. The Google denied by default untrustable application.

I needed access  "untrust application aka PHPmailer" in Gmail account.

After than evrything will be all right :-). 

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Well - one way to send from typesetter with gmail is   in  /Admin/Configuration

A  Contact Form ----------------

Recipient Address  [email protected]  ---- any emailadress


From Address  [email protected]

From Name  yourgname


B. Contact Form (Advanced) ------------

Mail Delivery Method :  phpMail()


SMTP Host(s) :  ssl://

SMTPAuth Username :  [email protected]

SMTPAuth Password  Your gmail password


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