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Wondering what's a good way to add some CSS to override the theme's style. 

Or there's no point and I should go ahead and modify the theme?

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Am I just too stupid for this CMS?

I can not manage to add CSS to this, I've been reading everything. Tried to add a custom CSS file through Addon.ini and it still doesn't work.

Documentation seems to be for other versions. I don't get the point of the Manage Classes area since I can only name a class but not add properties tot it. 

I've read on the Selectable Classes plugin which says " To make them cause an effect they need to be defined in the theme's CSS/LESS or via gpEasy's built-in Layout Editor."

I eventually found Section Attributes in the Layout Editor, but I don't see a way to edit the class? I'm gong crazy because I really like the CMS,  but can't use it if I can't edit a single class.

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Every theme has a style.css (or a style.scss or a style.less) , which is in a subfolder of the template (under themes if installed directly - under \data\_themes  if installed from the web)

You can edit it directly with ftp (filezilla + notepad++) or overwrite in the Layout-editor(sometimes not effective) - so never edit the addon.ini (You can of course import files in the style .css - they are automatic added to ONE file in the cache by the CMS. SCSS understands css - less doesnt (convert css with online less to less converter  or use a special import)).

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Thanks, it seems I was too involved and tired at the time, took a break for a couple of days and I have now found the theme's style.scss; I've been working with Wordpress and I was expecting too much from this CMS, I kept looking for ways like a plugin to add custom CSS.

But I'll take what I can get, editing the style.scss is fine for now.

Thank you mabu.

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You can also write your own css file, change the extension to scss and include it in style.scss without extension ([email protected] css/myCss) .This way you only have to add/change one line when you change or update template. To override things use !important.
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