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Hi all,
Since my update to version 5.1, the "Bigvideo" plugin has become inactive.
Can you please tell me if it is possible to fix this problem?
Thank you.

my website: 
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From which version did You update, and is the plugin active installed ?

How is the embedding code  of the video - i dont see anything in the source ?

For now :  -- or

<video id="videobkg" poster="poster.JPG" autoplay muted loop> <source src="footage1.mp4" type="video/mp4"> </video>

#videobkg { position:fixed; z-index: -1; }

ANOTHER POINT : Typesetter 5.1 is not really php7.4 ready (and Your site is quite slow - You should modify the .htacess ).

You should better use the github-master (or at least try to exchange the /include-directory with the include-directory of the 5.1.1-CE- Version - rename the existing include directory to _old)

P.S. I dont know what is with the Autor j├╝rgen(Grafik Krausz). His website is offline .

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Thank you Mabu for those informations.
I managed to find the solution.
Best regards
3 years ago#11902

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