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Hello again,
since serveral week I work with this new Version 5.1 for a friend.
Today I can't login anymore, and I can't reset my password. This is really apity. Is there any trick not to loose the content ?
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Version 5.1 has a problem with password which has been overcome in the 5.1.1CE-Version and in the github master. The problem exists only for users who use password_hash instead of sha512 as security.

Issue of Github : If You have no more access, You can edit "/data/_site/users.php" and change 'passhash' => 'password_hash' to 'passhash' => 'sha512' for every user. Then 'renew lost password' should function ( users should not use password_hash as security : functions only in the CE-Version and in the master) . There You find only the hash of a password.

You can also rename the /include-directory to include.old and replace it with the include-directory of the CE-Version. Then You should be able to change the password online (and are updated for php7.3).

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Do you have access to the server via FTP? Then you could download the directory "data" where all your content and configuration should be. After that, if you made a fresh install of Typesetter you can upload this directory, apart from users.php in the directory data/_site, because users.php contains password...
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@mabu @creisi
thanks a lot for your nice hints, now I could solve the problems and everything went good. Really cool !
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