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To a lot of people the following comments may appear to be ridiculous, but even though I have many years of html coding experience, I've never in my life worked with a WYSIWYG editor before. I thought once I was logged into as admin, I could simply type over any existing text in order to change it, in any boxes that allow me to edit in them. But when I click on a box with editable text, there are only two options. Either remove the entire box, or add something to it. If I click on remove, the box is gone. Wonderful, have a nice day (sorry, light sarcasm).
When I click on add, then a window appears with a bunch of single existing lines, plus ... add ... at the end of the line.
I don't understand how that is WYSIWYG, since obviously nothing on the non-editable page looks like that.
I don't want to add anything else anywhere else.
I just want to write over the existing text body within the blocks.

Hah, and I always thought that WYSIWYG meant that you see a box ... you have the rights to edit the box ... you click on edit in order to alter the contents (edit doesn't exist, just add & remove) ... and that the contents would change before your very eyes as you're editing in the admin editing mode. Instead, I'm receiving Windows which look nothing at all like the Box that I'm trying to edit, with content tags ??? which I don't even know where or how to associate with the content that's supposed to be edited.

EXAMPLE: I see a box with a themed color/background. None of that needs to be changed. Then there are 4 lines with text and I'm assuming that all four of those lines would be edited in the same editing mode. Yet when I click on add for editing mode, that new window on the screen has a whole bunch of different things within it, none of which are titled for example .... Background, Body Text, Link Text, Link location, Title text, etc. In other words, none of the fields make any sense to me. This is really WYSIWYG editing? I guess the surprise is on me then.
Any helpful thoughts on how to go about associating the editing window tags/lines/whatever ... with the actual content of that block when it isn't being edited?
Thank you.

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Never mind, I'm just going to have to do an awful lot of reading which I wasn't really expecting. Typesetter is really fantastic, but a lot more time consuming work than I expected. For HTML pages I've amassed about 100 different page templates where I can change things in a minute or two, sometimes in seconds. So it may not be WYSIWYG editing, but at least the terminology is something that's easier for me to wrap my head around. In my opinion this kind of editing (Typesetter) is great for people who've never done anything else, while someone who's done html for 10+ years, this is a totally new concept that requires getting used to.
No further help required (methinks). Keep up the good work.
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You have to go into the pagemanager - click at a site in the tree -> View-edit page --> then You are in the site. There You have 2 possibilities :

a : Klick with the right mouse-key at the site, then You see a pen in a frame, klick at it (or hover) : edit - and there You are

b : At the right top is page - klick at it : text -> mouse-hover -- and klick at the pen in the menu

You can exercise at   ---   Editing a site is much faster than in for example Wordpress and more comfortabel.

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