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suddenly I can't log in wih Chrome, I get the error fromTypesetter "PLEASE ACTIVATE COOKIES and reload page"

I can work with Firefox, but not with Chrome anymore.

Maybe it's related that I switched to HTTPS and some part of the site now it' mixed http/https; Chrome is very intransigent with the last browser update and Firefox more permissive?

Any idea how to solve?

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1. Can You check Chrome with

2. Do You use Chrome on Android - and if - which Android - version (older than 7.1.1 ?)

3. Does Your site use LetsEncrypt (they have a new root certificate since january 2021)  - i have a https-site with a different ssl-certificate-provider without such problems

4. Can You publish the URL please !  (If it is - it uses old gpeasy - which version - can You update to Typesetter 5.1.1 - i can support You. At first make a backup - then rename the /include-directory to include.old and replace it with the include directory of the 5.1.1-Version - and see if everything functions - a bit critical with a running site - better test it under xampp  -- evtl. the template needs adaptions depending upon the gpeasy-version and also some plugins.. ...--- there is of course also Typesetter 5.2 which would need some more to do )



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Ok I installed 5.1.1, but to solve I added a HTTPS redirect in .htacce.

Now I have a NEW problem, I can't set the home page, it directly go to the first entry of a menu.

How can I set the hpme page? The link after home page is missing.

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SOLVED,  the link to set homepage is    /gpEasy/index.php/Admin/Menu/Ajax?cmd=HomepageSelect

the code for HTTPS redirect is: 

#Redirect 301 http to https
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]


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/gpEasy/index.php/Admin/Menu/Ajax?cmd=HomepageSelect  :: Great link i did not know - also interesting for other users and for users who use 2 or more menus ((-  gpOutput::GetFullMenu('m1'); -)).












Normally the top of the pagemanager-tree ('Home') is the startpage, which You can make private (invisible).

You can make  redirections under "Settings -> Missing links ".  ( /gpEasy/index.php/Admin/Missing/ )

P.S. Normally the Provider cares for automatic https-redirect.

Evtl You can get rid of the /gpEasy/index.php/ under "Settings - > Permalinks" (depends upon existing htaccess)

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