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Greetings. I want to make a site plan eg how the structure will be but am not sure of Typesetters ability.

Can I run this by you readers and ask for valued input.


  • Typesetter CMS for site welcome and navigation internally and external link to below functions. Each function will have a return link to Typesetter home.
  • A forum; at the moment the most likely seems Simple Machines:
  • A shop (have tried Typesetter Minishop but that is too limited, and error prone with 5.2rc); possibly Litecart
  • A database or sheet with calc fields. Am thinking nuBuilder or Google sheets which can apply to per user login eg I create the structure and each user fills in their own data.
  • This item is the main problem: Typesetter login for user such that it allows them to self-post shop items, open forum and Google sheets without any further login needed.
    I have no idea of how to achieve this. All functions (except Google Sheets) must be PHP based so wondering if HTTP POST and GET could work fluidly between each.

All could be achieved with Drupal or similar, but this would mean a more time in development.

The plan is to have a site that home brewers (beer) can go to for information, sell their surplus stuff privately through the shop, discuss on the forum recipes and tips and tricks, and Google Sheets (or database) which allows them to log each and every brew with inbuilt calculations for ABV% measurements, quantities, and general comments about the quality of each brew and so on.

Thanks for any input, Al.


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I dont see the sense of this posting : There was a plugin with link to  forum-software for Gpeasy  from  Australia which doesnt function with Typesetter and modern php, the same for Gpeasy Minishop.

If someone were to start such a professional project, all the work would depend on him - including the problems of safety and product liability and updates - and all of this time-consuming and for free ..!

In Your case Wordpress with a blog and  forum and woocommerce - plugin would be a solution (Cloudfront against hackers).


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