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I understand from other threads that PHP can not be inserted in code editor for security reasons; this was some years ago.

Has this changed and if so, any suggestions on how to?



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Not quite what I want but it works is thus:


<iframe height="400" src="/typesetter_files/calculator.php" width="800"></iframe>


for example the PHP code for calculator is in the file calculator.php

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See this posting. There was a PHP-Box-Plugin for gpeasy. Typesetter is a multiuser - Cms , and so the developers decided to disable php in the source code of pages.

If You want to change it , You must do it in Your own version ( rmPHP() ) - the developers will not !

For security reasons all php-files begin with  define('is_running',true);  !  Maybe there are some holes like iframe and ie-sandbox.

Can You publish the source of calculator.php

P.S. It is not possible to uplad php-files except with ftp.  User will not be able. So the risk is at the ftp-administrator to do that .

Of course You can always add furter php-functionality with a plugin.

Javascript : let pi = document.createProcessingInstruction('php', 'echo "Hallo world";'); (untested)

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