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I use multiple menus, I'd like every menu with its sitemap; then a page where I can display all trees menu in the order I prefer.

For example:

* Main manu tree site map

* contact menu tree sitemap

* Picture menu tree sitemap

Is it possible, how?

Should I pay someone to get it?  Who?

Where is the git of the last version of Typesetter?

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A. The official Typesetter 5.2RC is at Github. The main developer (User Juek) there has given up his website and is absent (corona...).

I have therefore made a 5.2 - fork with updates.

My fork for php8 is also at github - in alpha but functioning - it will get some additional features until summer 2022.

The problem with php8 is, that many plugins have deprecated functions or do not function  !

B.  The sitemap is unter . For the sitemap of multiple menus (tree menu) is no official solution.

There is a sitelist-plugin which a user could drill open - i have no time at the moment.

P.S. A "possibility" could be to make a new template, add the second menu instead of the first menu and make a treemenu (all levels) ; < ?php gpOutput::Get('ExpandMenu'); ? > - remove the class "menu"  so that You do not have a horizontal menu but just an ul-list.

Your treemenu-wishes are so single that You will have to see Yourself. We need users who write useful plugins.

  1. Bootstrap treeview
  2. Bootsnip trees
  3. Bootstrap treeviews
  4. Bootstrap3 treeview
  5. Jquery treeviews

C. We have the Download-plugin where You can see the images . Code for a maillist is in the newsletter-plugin.

Ps. For images there is a gallery documentation and 5 Gallery-plugins for Typesetter (and jquery gallery plugins in the web)

  1. Dynamic gallery
  2. Simple gallery
  3. Shadow box gallery
  4. Masonary gallery
  5. Gallery editor tweaks

and not to forget Jquery multidialog


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