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Basic usage :

< div class="toggle_hidden">

< div class="click_to_show">Click this to show</div>

< div class="click_to_hide">Click this to hide</div> Hidden Text </div>


For correct function of the plugin Plugin Expandable Text in php7.4 and php8 it is necessary to change Line 7  in

Hiddencontent.php to:    public static  function ToContent($section_data){...


* Here a updated version for test.


P.S. I have added updated  many plugins, which were written for php5 and still function with php7 with deprecations, at the specific plugin-site under 'support' for function with php8 (for example : class name1 .....function name1 --- causes malfunction in php8 : __construct ).

*** Normally these updates will also function with php7 !  If the author of the plugin wants to update his php5-version with my code - no problem -  it will like it.


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