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A great addon would be one that creates: forms, surveys, polls and quizzes. This would then replace the contact form currently packaged with gpEasy. The form maker would have a contact form as one example of a form.

The form maker would have the following:

  1. Have a buit in code generator
  2. Fields could be validated
  3. Fields could be ordered or re-ordered
  4. Contain the ability to re-direct a failure or success page
  5. Field types: drop down, multiple choice, multiple choice with more than one selection being right, Yes/No, comment, rating/survey, conditional - this would be equal to if_then or else which allows you to present branching options depending on the answer.

About the conditional field - condition dropdown would be: display_image, play_audio, goto_url, goto_page_anchor.

Quizzing: Quiz would have weight assign to each question, multiple choice would be randomized. Field output and field label could be formatted. Forms can be cloned. 


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Hi Caps,

FCKeditor 2.0 has a form toolbar.  If you enable it you'll be given the option to do a lot of what you're mentioning.

There are a few other posts related to handling the form already written on the topic.  I enabled the tool bar on one of my sites to create custom contact forms.  Worked great!


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